The World of Side Hustling
Topic 1 : Juggling Various Activities while Having a Full-Time Job
Mary Joan Cortez, a project coordinator/travel consultant/church ministry officer/Pound enthusiast/entrepreneur, shares her experience on how she could juggle her endeavors while having her full-time work because she knows if she can, you can, too!

Topic 2 : Journey in Finding the Right Business Type
A traditional business owner for a long time and now an entrepreneur, Mary Jardinero shares her journey as she tries different business types after she got out of corporate work. She believes that knowing the different types of businesses will enable you to choose how you can start.

Topic 3 : The Importance of Work-Life Integration with Having a Lot of Commitments
Our Health Coach, Registered Nutritionist-Dietitian at a hospital, and a loving daughter will share how she manages to integrate all aspects of her life towards one common goal and that she will share that things that matter should always be given time and priority.
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