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Guest Lifestyle Coach Health Coach Myrel De Castro

Exclusive Philippine Health Coach Certification and Training Program

How can a coach be a certified health coach in the Philippines?

To be a certified member of Health Coaches Philippines you must meet the following requirements: Complete the 100 hours of coach-specific training conducted by Smart Start Session.

What are the requirements to become a certified health coach?

To enroll in the health coaching program, you must have one of the following: “a current NCCA-accredited certification in fitness, nutrition, healthcare, wellness, human resources or a related field; an associate degree or higher from an accredited college or university in fitness, exercise science, nutrition.

How do I know if Health Coaching is the right career for me?

1. You value health in its entirety.

2. You are passionate about empowering others.

3. You are engaged in continuous education.

4. You have an intrinsic desire to create.

5. You realize the need for improved health.

6. You are a good listener.

7. You value dynamic relationships.

8. You inspire and motivate through your actions.

Can I make a good living as a health coach what is a typical income?

Become a Certified Health Coach in Just 13 Weeks
A Balanced Approach to Wellness
We are introducing to you a Health Coaching Certification Program that will help you achieve another area of expertise in your coaching profession. This program is focused on keeping the brain-gut microbiome healthy and on a balanced state since most health concerns arise from leaky gut and brain chemical imbalance that often recovers with appropriate functional lifestyle changes.
A 13-week Health Coaching Certification Program prepare learners to imbibe, internalize and experience for themselves the benefits of Functional Health and Lifestyle. The learning experience from the program is essential for implementing lifestyle changes on patients/clients in various settings. 
Smart Start Health Coaching Certification Program ™ is an online curriculum with weekly coaching sessions to come up with daily activity plans which will be implemented week-on-week within the 13-week training program. Extensive, development-focused evaluations and individual feedback will be provided by experienced instructors with substantial health and wellness coaching backgrounds.
  Why Advanced Functional Health and Lifestyle Coaching?
Our curriculum includes theory and practice in brain-based lifestyle change and functional coaching psychology, client-centered communication skills that facilitate self-directed change, evidence-informed process and structure, the ethics of coaching, and understanding health and lifestyle conditions such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, exercise, nutrition, work-life balance and more.
Health Coaching Certification
As a Certified Health Coach, you will play an important role in assisting and helping clients develop better lifestyles by enhancing their lives with encouragement, knowledge, and support. Our health coach certification courses focus on prevention and provide skills and tools to address obesity, chronic lifestyle illnesses, poor nutrition and eating habits, and physical fitness development to combat inactivity, which has become the norm for tens of millions of people.
Healthy Food 

Healthy food prepping and cooking is an integral part of lifestyle change to a better and youthful living. A thing you will learn here.


Fitness is never just a fad but a necessity to convert food into energy, expel bodily waste that impedes immune functions and many more…not just building muscles and losing weight.

Brain & Gut Health

Brain and gut health are inseparable as gut supplies the brain with nutrients that are converted into hormones that affect our mood and brain functions.

Health Revolution
We're at the forefront of a health revolution! Chronic illnesses, particularly those that may be avoided by changing one's lifestyle, are the pandemic of our time. People are in severe need of specific direction in order to recover their health. That’s where YOU come in. With a health coaching certificate, you'll gain the knowledge and abilities to help your clients achieve improved health and happiness while also building a successful profession that allows you to work from anywhere.
Making a Positive Impact as A Coach
As a health coach, you may play a role in preventing, mitigating, and even reversing chronic illnesses by inspiring clients to adopt and maintain healthy lifestyle choices.
Functional Health
  • Client Health/Physical Assessment
  • Functional History Taking
  • Listening and Story Retelling 
  • ​Providing recommendations
Lifestyle Change
  • Lifestyle Assessment
  • Wellness Readiness Assessment
  • Brain, body and weight connection
  • Experiential Coaching
How it works
13 Weeks of Training
Flexible Learning Experience




Lifelong Career
Our program is offered online with virtual and in-person opportunities to connect with classmates.
Lessons will be delivered once a week and each learning principles will be incorporated in the lifestyle game plan for the whole week. Individual game plans will be evaluated by the learner themselves and will be revisited, refined or challenged appropriate to individual capacities and circumstances with the view to improve lifestyles. 
An exclusive coaching certification program that gives you everything you need to become well equipped health coach, to confidently deliver value to top-tier clients, and love your work...


  • Brain-based lifestyle coaching.


  • Gut-brain Connection and diseases arising from them.


  • Food-as-medicine - a guide to nutritional medicine.


  • Healthy food preparation for specific health conditions.
Learning Activities :
Actual & experiential practice of lifestyle change.
Journaling of progress

Actual food preparation

Healthy cooking demo

Evaluation :
Evaluation will be based on theoretical and actual performance based on learning activities.
Benefits You Should Expect
After successfully completing this program, students will be able to:
To learn the right techniques in assessing lifestyle related health conditions.
To be able to learn the most effective way to coach clients with lifestyle concerns and
diseases with visible results in weeks.
To experience for one’s self the prescribed lifestyle change as taught in this program.
To provide the right knowledge on food-as-medicine as adjunct and supportive health
To learn the strategies on how to effectively run a coaching business.
Whether you've been coaching for years, or you're new to the industry, the Certification will give you everything you need to help people make lasting changes to their health and fitness.
Transform Lives & Make a Bigger Impact as a Health Coach
Be an expert in the field of Brain-Gut Health. Serve the best meals that keep the brain-gut-weight in perfect balance.
Physical Therapists
Be the best in your career as health and fitness experts by applying the functional health and lifestyle principles. 
Set the bar high as healthcare providers that offers beyond TLC but also functional health and lifestyle coaching.
Raise the standard of guidance counseling by learning and doing the principles of functional health and lifestyle.
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Functional Health and Lifestyle Change
Advanced Coaching
Here are just a few reasons why:
Transform your life, and the lives of others
Big opportunities for growth and profit while helping others.

A new approach to becoming a health coach
No restrictions on education, experience, age, background, or financial status.

Help end the health crisis in our midst
You will grow as a person to empowering prople to adopt and sustain healthy lifestyle behaviors
Get certified from home, coach clients from anywhere
The ability to set your own schedule, and the flexibility and freedom to enjoy life.
Health Coach Myrel De Castro of Smart Start Session Certification Program
Myrel De Castro
Certified Health and Lifestyle Coach
Myrel de Castro is a graduate of BS Physical Therapy, a wellness advocate and a Longevity Lifestyle Master Coach/Facilitator/Trainer, certified and trained by the Brain wellness guru Arlene Taylor of Pacific Health Education Center, California, USA. She is also a motivational coach and a marketing consultant. 
Before becoming a lifestyle trainer, she has worked in various industries such as Pharma, Non-profit organization, IT especially Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things (AI and IOT) industry and Banking for more than twenty good years, leaving her last position as a country manager for an Artificial Intelligence and Digital Media Company based in Singapore. 
Her passion for health and wellness led her to pursue her passion for training and coaching which impacted her health first, and now, the health of her clients. She is now in her 6th year of her wellness advocacy and has been active in health ministry. She has organized wellness camps and wellness coaching activities. She is also a personal health and lifestyle coach to some popular personalities. Until now, she never stops researching and studying about functional food and nutrition. She also continues to study and improve her knowledge on science and technology, coaching skills and skills to help lifestyle learners improve their outcome and achieve their optimum health through lifestyle modification.
Feel Confident and Qualified To Coach Anyone
This is your launchpad for what’s next—whether you’re boosting your health coaching skills to help your clients (or yourself), or starting a new career or side-business you’re passionate about.
Grow. Lead. Thrive.

Built-In Health Coaching Community
Join a thriving health coaching network. You’ll be pushed to grow personally and professionally by like-minded individuals who are ready to support you.
  • Exclusive member benefits      
  • Additional online study materials & practice
  • Own Health Coaching online business platforms
  • Never worry of website system
  • Easy scalability - global market expansion
  • Instant global market access
  • Manage your business from anywhere in the world
Transform your life, and the lives of others.
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