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40-Minute Virtual Health Talk

Online 1-on-1 Health Consult

( A Breakthrough Session ) 

Take advantage of a 40-minute talk with me. We work together to get a better understanding of your current situation, address your concerns, and discuss any general health goals that you would like to reach. 


Discuss your current state of health and what you're struggling with

Duration : 20 mins.

Fee : ₱ 890

Payment Required


Initial overall nutrition, health and fitness quick assessment

Duration : 10 mins.

Fee : FREE

No Payment Required - This is FREE


Give you a general outline of the steps with targeted goals

Duration : 10 mins.

Fee : FREE

No Payment Required - This is FREE

We will focus our attention on your needs and goals. After the consult session, I will give you immediate recommendations* on your food plans, nutritional supplements, physical movements, and health programs.

*We will work with our health coach partners ( nutrition coach, fitness coach and physician ) when needed.

"I will help you decide where to start and how to start!"

  Meet Your Health Coach For Today, Justine

I am so excited  that you will start your health journey with me. I want to learn more about you, the health challenges you face, and the goals you have for living and feeling better.

I will help you make simple shifts in lifestyle choices so you can live every day with less stress, more energy, and more happiness. While working with me, I will guide you to find the choices that best support you to make gradual, lifelong changes that enable you to reach your current and future health goals.

- Coach Justine Bate

     Health Coach

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