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Spartan is the global leader in obstacle course racing for a reason - we will challenge you to push beyond your limits. This isn’t a casual 5K or fun run. We want you to achieve more. Don’t worry though - there’s no Spartan left behind. Whether you’re ready to tackle your first Spartan Sprint, or you’re an elite athlete seeking to crush a 50K Ultra and a podium spot, we’re all in this together.

THE STADION 5K, 20 Obstacles

Run in signature Spartan style, in some of the most iconic sports stadions in the world. You’ll challenge yourself in multiple ways with equal parts endurance workout, stair climbing session, and indoor track race.

THE SPRINT 5K, 20 Obstacles

5K that will change your life. The Sprint is the perfect distance, whether you're starting your Spartan journey, or you're returning to crush your last time. The Spartan Sprint is the starting line of champions.

THE SUPER 10K, 25 Obstacles

This true athletic test offers the ideal blend between distance and speed. Are you determined to push beyond excuses? You just might have the guts for a Spartan Super.

THE BEAST Half Marathon, 30 Obstacles

Think you have the strength, endurance and resolve to conquer the Spartan Beast? Take on rugged terrain and signature Spartan Obstacles that will shatter your comfort zone.

THE ULTRA 50K, 60 Obstacles

The Spartan Ultra delivers unique course elements and obstacles, in some of the world’s most challenging locations. It is the ultimate test of strength and perseverance. If you can complete this, you can do anything.







Spartan Race Overview

What is Spartan Race? There are three main types of Spartan Races, suitable to all fitness levels. For beginners we recommend the Sprint. Spartan's shortest courses are 5km and 20 obstacles. Complete the race at your own pace. If you fail an obstacle along the way, you owe us 30 burpees before continuing on. Ready for more? The Super is 13km, 25 obstacles, and often hosted on a tougher terrain. The hardest of the three races is the Beast: 20km and 30 obstacles. We’ll leave the challenges of the course to your imagination. For kids under 14, we offer kids races. These races are broken down according to age categories. For the 4-6 years old, 800m; 7-9 years old, 1.6 km and 10-13 years old, 3.2 km in distance. The kids race emphasis on teamwork, fun and getting muddy.

Spartan Race: Obstacle Course Races

Spartan Race is the global leader in obstacle course races, with the right challenge for anyone - from first-time racers to elite athletes.

How do I train for a Spartan Race?

Start with five rounds of at least two of the exercises below, three times a week, for at least a month leading up to the race (two months is even better). Rest one minute between each exercise. You can do this as a complete workout, part of a bigger strength training program, or as a finisher after a run.

How long is a Spartan race?

Spartan Sprint (3+ miles of obstacle racing, 20+ obstacles), the Spartan Super (8+ miles, 25+ obstacles), the Spartan Beast (13+ miles, 30+ obstacles), and the Spartan Ultra (30+ miles, 60+ obstacles). The obstacles themselves also vary from race to race.

How much is a Spartan race?

If a typical race entry ranges in price from $60 to $200, team registrations might receive a 5% to 10% discount for each person registering as part of the team. There tend to be two types of OCR races: those focused on competition, and those focused on fun.

What obstacles are in a Spartan Race?

How Many Burpees Do You Have To Do In A Spartan Race

Spartan races are known for how tough they are as well as signature obstacles like the Spear Throw. But the one thing that worries most are penalty burpees.

The question racers have is how many burpees will they need to do?

The answer is, it depends!

What? I thought Spartan had a standard number of burpees, 30 for each failed obstacle.

That is true, sort of.

Things have changed a little in 2018. Spartan has begun to experiment with different types of penalties, like a 400 meter lap at some races.

Stadium races were standardized at 15 repetitions at all workout obstacles and penalty burpees. Some think this is because stadium races are easier, but it has more to do with the speed and course congestion than making the race easier.

Most races include an atlas carry, which includes 5 burpees as part of the carry.

That's right you pick up this heavy ball, usually out of sticky mud, carry it about 10 meters and drop it so you can do 5 burpees. Then you pick the ball back up and return it to the starting position.

What makes Spartan Race stand out from the other two is that they are a chip timed event where winning matters and burpees are king.

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Spear Throw. Horizontal Wall Traverse. Barbed Wire Crawl. Wall Jumps. Slippery Wall.
Fire Jump. Rolling Mud. Over Under Through. Rope Climb.
6-Week Training Bootcamp For Beginners
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6766 Dela Rosa Street, Legazpi Village, Makati City, Philippines
6-Week Training Bootcamp
How to Get Ready for Your First Spartan Race
If you want to join the Spartan race and you’re looking for a supportive, strong, and welcoming training community with people of all fitness levels who want to see you achieve your fitness goals, you’ve come to the right place.
  Whether or not you’re an athlete or a fitness junkie, you’ve likely heard of increasingly popular obstacle races like the Spartan race series. Obstacle course race (OCR) is a fun way to challenge your mental and physical limits, compete with others and to yourself, be gritty at the same time build a team spirit, and get dirty and muddy. You are already committed to your first-ever Spartan race. You've taken the first step. You have done what most people are too afraid to do. Now comes the next stage – Your PREPARATION 


Smart Start Session Inverted Wall Obstacle in Spartan Race Philippines by Mara Pasco
Dedication to Preparation
Real training takes more than a day or two: Getting in shape takes more than one training before the actual race, you need to invest time and effort in consistently doing what’s important, from your proper nutrition to your physical and mental fitness.
We will help you to prepare.


Smart Start Session Hurdles Obstacle in Spartan Race Philippines
Encouragement and Teamwork
Train and Race with a team is much better: It is good to hear people around you giving encouragement and helping you overcome obstacles. Climbing mud hills or going over walls can be easily done with the support of a community and a strong teamwork.
We will encourage you to perform.


Smart Start Session Barbed Wire Crawl Obstacle in Spartan Race Philippines
Push the Limits
You are tougher than you think: As quickly as the first obstacle, you were unsure that you would be able to get over the wall, and started to doubt your ability to finish the race – but you will eventually learn that you can overcome more than you think.
We will motivate you to finish.
We'll Help You Prepare and Finish the Race
Let's Begin Where You Are 
You may haven't worked out for a month, 6 months, or a year, or never at all. Don't let that stop you from challenging yourself and running a Spartan race.
But if you're thinking about getting on that workout grind for the very first time and joining the Spartan race, we can say that you're taking a big leap in your life that is very rewarding. Congratulations and welcome! You've taken the first step to a life-changing experience.
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“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.”

 – Helen Keller

Smart Start Session Paulo Tumalad Finished His First Spartan Race Philippines
Paulo Tumalad Finished His First Spartan Race Philippines

“Being part of Smart Start’s Fitness Circle is the best decision I have ever made! 

I never imagined myself joining races like Spartan but here I am, conquered my first ever Spartan Race! With all the support and encouragement of our Coach and the members of our team, I was able to do it. I may not be fit as other athletes yet, but one thing I know is that I am slowly getting there and I am getting stronger everyday!"

- Paolo Tumalad

This is not just a training - it is an ongoing exploration into unleashing the best you.
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Discover your Power, your Strength, your Inner Athlete.
Few of us ever truly see what we’re capable of. Our Training Bootcamp will give you the unique opportunity to not only challenge yourself with the training but bond with the community that shares the same passion to achieve the peak performance to prepare and finish the race, and have fun. The obstacles you’ll face during your first Spartan race will test everything you're made of. Exceed your own expectations. Join and train with us!
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