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90-Minute Virtual Health Coaching

Online 1-on-1 Health Coaching

( Private Progressive Coaching - A Strategy and Accountability Session ) 


1 Private Coaching Session

Specific Single Session

( Jumpstart Program )

Duration : 90 mins.

Fee Per Session : ₱ 1,890

Payment Required

There are 3 Main Reasons You Need an Accountability Coach




Are You Ready To Invest In Yourself?


Healthy Stoic Practice

Multiple Continuous Session

( Kickstart Program )

Duration : 1 mo.

Fee : ₱8,200

Payment Required


Healthy Stoic Habits

Multiple Continuous Session

( Roadmap Program )

Duration : 3 mos.

Fee :  ₱57,000

Payment Required 


Healthy Stoic Lifestyle

Multiple Continuous Session

( Roadmap Program )

Duration : 6 mos.

Fee :  ₱114,000

Payment Required 

""I will help you decide where to start and how to start!"

What You Will Get

I will give you guided experience with support, activities, and advice throughout the program. 

    Private Coaching Includes:

  • Scheduled coaching session per week
  • Unlimited email correspondence in between sessions
  • ​Initial intake questionnaire that you complete and we review before our first session
  • ​A personalized self-care program through habits and lessons
  • ​Confidentiality
  • ​Freedom to ask and share anything you want
  Meet Your Health Coach For Today, Justine

I am so excited that you will start your health journey with me. I want to learn more about you, the health challenges you face, and the goals you have for living and feeling better.

I will help you make simple shifts in lifestyle choices so you can live every day with less stress, more energy, and more happiness. While working with me, I will guide you to find the choices that best support you to make gradual, lifelong changes that enable you to reach your current and future health goals.

- Coach Justine Bate

     Health Coach

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