The more you proceed, overcoming the obstacles, the more your self-confidence increase.


Getting ready is dedication and commitment

When you decide to do a Spartan Race, you have already subscribed to the fact you will need to put the work in to stay motivated and continue to build motivation into the process. However, there is something to be said about being dedicated. Dedication requires effort. You need to make time to train. You have to push through challenges. You need to stay on track and build on your efforts to improve. All of this requires dedication, not luck.
Miko Ukena of Smart Start Session Community
"Since it was my 1st time to join the Spartan Race. It wasn't easy for me to finish this race without proper training. Thanks to Smart Start Session team who helped me prepare for this. During the race, we worked as a team. We motivate & support each other as we finish the race. Also thanks to the coaches (Raf & Josh) who taught us techniques before & during on how to pass each obstacles.
The team made it easy and such a fun race! Definitely will race again with them.
I highly recommend Smart Start Session because they make sure no one gets left behind!" 
- Miko Ukena
Kathy Concepcion of Smart Start Session Community
"Races can provide an awesome opportunity for you to see what you’re really made of. It’s amazing to see different types and shapes of people come together with a common goal, to conquer the obstacle course.

Spartan Race was my first OCR and I’ve made a real big transformation. It helped me gain courage and confidence, improved my cardio and upper & lower body strength, and most especially developed a firm belief with myself. All of this just happened in two months. With a supportive fitness trainers and team that encouraged and motivated me that I can do it, that I can be better and stronger, truly it’s more fun to do the race and obstacles with a team.

I’m really happy to be part of Fitness Circle-Team Lakas of Smart Start Session, they really prepared me to be Spartan ready. I’m so excited, let’s fuel up for the epic race ahead! Have fun and just keep moving, the finish line will show up eventually. Aroooo!!!"
- Kathy Concepcion
"I’m really happy to be part of Fitness Circle-Team Lakas of Smart Start Session, they really prepared me to be Spartan ready."


Everybody needs help and is willing to help

Teamwork from the preparation training to actual race is necessary to finish the race. You'll find that your support, encouragement, and motivation are coming from the team that will help you achieve your goals and to overcome each of your challenges. You’ll push harder. The team accountability will increase your effectiveness and keep your momentum and focused. Plus, being surrounded by the like-minded community will increase your inspiration.
Reymer Salvador - Smart Start Session Community
"We started training few months before the Spartan race. I was a bit skeptical since it was the first time that I’ll be joining such competition. Though I know Coach Josh for quite some time already, I was a bit doubtful of my abilities to compete and I didn’t know my team mates back then.

A few weeks after we started training, it became a love - hate feeling for training. I was starting to love to train because I found a community, a new set of friends who were helping out and were encouraging everyone to exceed our limits. I was starting to hate it at the same time, because every training day was a torture, very tiring and exhausting. I was so sure I’d have a hard time doing my daily chores a day after training due to muscle soreness and body aches. 

But I believe the grueling training shaped and prepared us for the race day. When we crossed over the starting line, we weren’t just team mates, we were brothers and sisters helping out each other and boosting each other’s confidence to surpass all the obstacles. After all the “torture” we experienced during the training, we were all thankful we had the stamina to conquer the Alviera obstacles.

We all got to the finish line, thanks to Coach Josh for believing that we can outdo our limits, and I will always be grateful for being part of the group, TMLKS. Till the next race!"
- Reymer Salvador
Precious Navarro of Smart Start Session Community
"My Spartan experience taught me a lot about determination and teamwork. From training to the d-day itself, the overall process was an adventure that made me crave more challenges that would test my limits both physically and mentally. As I’ve realized during my trainings and the Spartan Sprint obstacle course itself, a person’s greatest competition is really herself/himself, and it is quite thrilling to discover where your body’s strength and your mind’s determination can take you. Furthermore, this experience made me gain a new set of family that sparks motivation and hardwork into me. I think the most fun part was actually getting to train and run the obstacle course with people who are as equally motivated and adventurous as you. I also felt that our coach, Coach Joshua Miranda, is genuinely invested in our progress and success; and this is such an important trait in a trainer. With all these said, one thing’s for sure, I’ve caught the Spartan/OCR bug! "
- Precious Navarro


Beat your Biggest Competitor - Yourself!

Everyone has a different reason to finish the race. But your main goal is to be the best version of you. 
Lui San of Smart Start Session Community
"I never thought of joining spartan race until my coach hubby told me "KAYANG KAYA MO YAN, AKO BAHALA!
Surprisingly, in span of just one month training I SURVIVED MY FIRST EVER SPARTAN RACE.
 Someone asked me "how did you make it? Doing monkey bars and conquering obstacle walls and be a certified spartan?"..Yes, it was hard but everything is easier when you have a team with coaches supporting you & pushes you to your limit to be stronger and never never quit..It was very rewarding in the end"
- Luisan Miranda
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